Cause Day

Tuesday, July 29th


Concerned about the environment?  Green space?  Community Development?  Toronto Watershed?....This event is for you!  Come and learn about a number of very important Causes that surround us every day!  Perhaps you help.


Time: 3:00-7:00pm

Place: Davisville Farmers' Market (June Rowlands Park)



Hot & Spicy Food Festival

Saturday and Sunday August 16th, 17th


At this year's Hot & Spicy Food Festival, they dip into food and culture rooted in the past and renewed for the future. With this curatorial vision, the festival showcases a range of culinary delicacies as well as equally exciting hot rhythms and spicy grooves from the past and present.


Appletree Markets is proud to be a parntering organization in the Roots Market.  There, we will showcase some incredible root veggies, host food cooking demos as well as workshops on 'root remedies'.  


We hope to see you there


Location: Harbourfront Centre

Hours: 12noon - 6pm


Please visit Hot & Spicy Festival for more details






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